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    After School Care

    After School Care is available each week day for pupils from Nursery to J6 at a cost of £2.00 per half hour from 4.30pm to 6pm. At 5.25pm pupils have supper in the Refectory for an additional £2.00 a day.


    1: 1530 - 1630 is FREE of charge. To book the free session only select the PM green button and the free extra option below
    2: 1630 - 1700 is £2.00
    3: 1700 - 1730 is £2.00
    4: 1730 - 1800 (including tea) £4.00

    If no activity: Choose ALL that are required e.g. if you would like tea on a Monday you need to tick the green PM box and ALL the extra boxes

    If doing an activity e.g. dance between 1530-1630 and you would like to stay for tea you would still need to select the green PM box and you will need to tick the all relevant boxes i.e. numbers 2 to 4 above.


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    Breakfast Club

    Breakfast Club runs each week day from 07:45am until registration at a cost of £3.00 a day. Children are provided with a variety of breakfast choices and are cared for by our Junior School staff.


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